Use the Free Tool to Measure Server Speed at Bitcatcha.Com

Server speed is indispensable in conveying a faultless customer experience. This flawless customer experience is itself necessary to a website that keenly produces leads and provides most favorable ROI. In a progressively globalized world, trades of all levels require to identify how speedy their server reacts to requests worldwide. Luckily, Bitcatcha is an amazing service offering free tool online that allow people to acquire goals and hard data delivered by the hosting provider. Today, the consumers have a chance to rank their websites and blogs according to the most successful examples in this world.

Bitcatcha has emerged as an impressive opportunity for the web users worldwide. It provides most of the basic services to customers online. For example, the users can test the server speed with the help of a simple test. This test is performed online using the simplest protocols. Would you like to use the free tool? It is recommended to visit right now to find the important notes on this topic. There is no need to be worried about the results of speed tests. You will find real difference after checking the speed of your network and server. This will be a true representative of your online status.

How Bitcatcha offers comparisons?

As a matter of fact, this online service has gathered the data of more than 10,000 websites. This data is very useful to find the server response timing. On the other hand, the users can see the list of 10,000 websites generated and ranked by the Alexa. This is an amazing combination allowing the bitcatcha consumers to focus on the comparisons. Now you can test the server speed and response time to start a comparison with these websites. Based on the comparison results, you can rank your web server according to Alexa Protocols.

Compare with competitors:

It is very important to see the activities of your competitors. In most of the cases, the online users focus on the technologies and techniques being used by their competitors. It is not enough because you have to check the response time of their servers and networks. It would be better if you use the free tool at Make it simpler with the benchmarks developed by our experts. We have a team of specialized web developers and designers. They know how to activate a web server to support websites.

Improve the server speed:

Yes, it is very simple now. All you have to do is visit This website provides an amazing speed testing facility. There is no need to download and install applications. Just click on the desired testing facility and use the free tool. Consumers can see the current performance rate of their websites and blogs. Take decision according to the data provided by tests. You can easily examine, monitor and improve the speed of your web server with the help of bitcatcha facilities. There are different tools available for businesses. For example, you can utilize the free tools to review various web hosting services.