How to choose growing bags


Cannabis growing bags selection is governed by so many factors. Choosing sometimes can be very difficult especially when you are not a professional in the field of farming. Growing bags are very important because they help support cannabis plants life. The growing bags usually play so many roles in making sure that the plant grows healthy and strong. A perfect growing bag or container for your cannabis plant is the type that will enhance your plant. Choosing the best container or the best growing bag will mean that you will have to make several decisions. First, you must make sure that you consider the material for your growing bags. Seconds, make sure that you know the type of growing bag that will well suit your plants. Third, your taste and style will also determine the kind of growing bag that you will choose. When choosing the right container or growing bag for your plant, always keep in mind that you need to choose a bag with the right size, material, and shape. Therefore, below are the factors that you should always consider when you select your cannabis growing bags.


It is always good to note that, some materials are more porous than others. Some allow air penetration and moisture circulation with ease while some do not. Material that is more porous allows the soil to breathe. This usually helps in supplying adequate oxygen to the roots of the plants. Porosity also allows excess water to be drained away preventing water clogging. Some of the porous material includes wood, unglazed terra-cotta, and paper pulp. A non-porous material can be good and can also be bad. This type of material holds the soil moisture more than the porous type. Some of the non-porous materials include glazed terra-cotta, plastic and also metal.


Drainage is a very important factor when it comes to root development. For great roots development, the soil must not clog water. Draining water is of great importance because it is very essential in providing enough space or room for air. When the drainage is poor, water might get collected at the bottom of your growing bag leading to plants roots to die. Poor drainage is always the start of plant death. Therefore, when selecting cannabis growing bags, always make sure that the drainage system is okay and good.

Shape and size

Shape and size might seem insignificant but it’s not. Choosing the correct shape and size of your container or growing bag is also a vital step. Always consider the welfare of the plant. Therefore, always choose a growing bag that is best for the plant. Also, choose what will look good. A growing bag that is small for your cannabis plant will mean that the plants are struggling to grow. A small growing container will lead to curly roots and crowded not to forget, struggling to exist. This might lead to low moisture circulation, little air circulation and also little nutrients supply. Because all the above mentioned are essential for the growth of the cannabis plant, the plant might end up growing unhealthy due to inadequacy. The guidelines for cannabis growing bags differ because of different plant growing nature. Always choose a bag that will always allow room for the plants’ growth. You can always find an expert when it comes to finding the right size for your cannabis plant. When it comes to shape, choose the shape that will look good on your garden. When selecting the size and shape of the plant, always think of the plants’ health first.

The brand

Brand of the growing bag might seem less important but it is not. There are those brands that have been in the market for so long. The brands are well known and are considered the best. After all, the best is always what you should be looking for. You can go through the reviews and see what people say about different brands. That way, you will be able to find a durable, classy and beautiful growing bag for your cannabis plants.


The durability of the growing bags is usually connected to the material that makes the bags. There are those bags that are not durable because the material is not strong and long-lasting. Selection of your bag will depend on how long you want your growing bag to last. If it is for short term, you can go ahead and buy a growing bag that has a less durable material. But if you will need it for so long, the quality of a material is what you should look for.


Price is also a very important factor. There are those brands that are very expensive while some are not. You can choose to go for either of the two depending on your budget. At the end of the day, you should not go for a growing bag that is beyond your budget.

Environmental friendly

Not all growing bags are suitable for use. Some are very risky and very dangerous to the environment. As much as you might be concentrating on the growing of cannabis plants, also consider the impact that the growing bag might have on the environment. Not all growing bags are biodegradable some are not. To have a safe environment, go for cannabis growing bags that are biodegradable and that are safe to be used in any environment.

Location of the garden

The growing bags come in different shapes and sizes. They also come in different brands, color and also beauty. If your garden is on the balcony, for example, it is best if the growing bags be attractive and beautiful. Also, do not oversize the growing bag. If it is far away from your home, you can choose specious growing bags and the size and shape of your choice depending on the plant that you are anticipating to grow.


There are so many choices that one has to make when it comes to the selection of growing bags. To get it right, you must consider different possible factors.