The Cold War Between Coffee Makers: Let’s See Who Wins

To quench the thirst, water is not always enough. Thank god! We have coffee for the rescue. It is one of the most popular and liked beverages all over the world. It is consumed all over the day and nothing is as perfect as a cup of coffee. A perfect cup of espresso coffee can make anyone’s day and it is the main reason to refresh the mood and provide endless stamina for the whole day. Coffee making is an art and not everyone is an artist. To get the best mug of coffee from early morning to late at night, a coffee maker is preferred. It makes the best espresso to refresh you. A good coffee maker is the one which offers the best brewing from the finest coffee beans and twice as strong that it opens all your senses. It is the main reason why it is preferred all over the world. There is a variety of coffee makes available in the market. One such range of coffee makers is manufactured by the company Nestle with the name Nespresso. Its two main versions are Nespresso evoluo and Nespresso Vertuoline.

Make the choice for best coffee maker!

Both the Nespresso variants have their own advantages. To figure out which is best, a detailed study should be done on the various features of these two different variants of the same brand. In the end, one can choose the most suitable coffee maker for their house. To choose the best coffee maker, the detailed study of nespresso vertuo vs evoluo should be done. Indeed they both are the best coffee makers available in the market and other coffee makers can’t match the level of espresso coffee made by them. They roast the coffee beans with utmost perfection and the coffee is kept strong and not diluted. Nespresso is capable of transferring all the perfection into a single morning cup. To see which one is better, nespresso vertuo vs evoluo comparison is done. To understand it better, a separate study of features is done.

Nespresso vertuoline: all about the coffee maker

It is one of the oldest models which come under capsule coffee makers. With its introduction, coffee making reached new levels of perfection. The machine is made with a detailed study of the things required in the best coffee maker. It uses a specific combination of centrifugal force and pressure to make a silky smooth and dark brew full of strong flavor. You just have to insert the coffee pod and leave the rest work on it. After evaluating the size and volume of the pod, it calculates the amount of water needed to brew the finest coffee. You don’t need to worry as you can make the perfect coffee cup without any problems with two different pod sizes

The perks of buying Nespresso Vertuo

There are many features which make it the best choice. The best feature is that it has two different pod sizes. Some of the features are stated below-

  • Auto capsule removal: the system has an automatic feature which ejects those capsules which have been used. There is no need to take concern about the manual removal of the used capsules. Hence, it protects your fingers from burning too.
  • Waste storage: one the capsules are used, they are ejected from the machine and stored at a particular place inside it. After the use, they can be removed altogether.
  • Water tank: it is laden with a very easy-to-handle water tank which has got a wide mouth and is easy to open and close. It has ample capacity so multiple cups can be made at once.
  • Automatic cleaning: this coffee maker has other unique feature too. It has a self-cleaning feature which automatically removes the residue after brewing the coffee.

The unlikeable things about this coffee maker

Although it is incorporated with many advantages, it has got a few disadvantages too. It is very important to know them before purchasing it. Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Non-adjustable temperature: the temperature setting of the machine is non-adjustable and due to it reheating is required in a few cases where coffee is made with the machine continuously.
  • Non-compatible pods: Nespresso original pods can’t be used in this machine.

Nespresso evoluo: the modern variation

It is a developed version of vertuoline with similar but improved features incorporated in the machine. It depends on centrifugation and pressure to extract the pure flavor from the coffee exclusion bitterness. It makes the coffee fluffier and it tastes better. The model was introduced due to the flaws detected by the customers in the earlier model. It has the whole new feature of an adjustable drip tray which can accommodate different cup sizes. It also prevents the wastage of coffee.

The perks of buying Nespresso Evoluo

  • Automatic cleaning: like the former, it also has the feature to automatically clean the residual material. It lets the machine function well for a longer period of time.
  • Hot coffee: it is able to produce a hotter and finely brewed coffee cup every time you make coffee from it.
  • Capsule size: it has different volumes of capsules available which help in making a variable amount of coffee as required.
  • Fine brewing: the coffee is extra smooth and finely blended flavors can be tasted in every sip. The crema of the cup lasts long.
  • Auto-rejection: the used coffee capsules can be rejected and collected afterward. The water tank is also capacious.

The unlikeable things about this coffee maker

The following things are not much preferred in the modern version-

  • Vibrations: the machine vibrates while brewing and hence can move the small coffee cups.
  • Non-compatible: it is also not compatible with the original size capsules.
  • Type of coffee: it is best preferred for the simple coffee and not espresso so many people can have issues with it.

Who wins the battle?

In the battle of nespresso vertuo vs evoluo, it is rather easy to announce the winner. It is probably the Nespresso Evoluo because it is a better version of the Vertuoline and makes better quality coffee with fine brewing. However, those who prefer espresso can go for the vertuoline. It is mandatory to make a nice choice for an even nicer cup of coffee which will make your day.